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Are there any guidines what we can or cannot say about this system or community other than not advertising Enagic products?

It is very highly recommended you follow the same process we show you for making ads and what to say, as there is a specific sales process. Going off that process will result in poor conversions and higher drop off rates. 

As far as what you can not say, You cannot say these following things

You cannot claim that Enagic products cure, or prevent any known disease or symptom. 

You cannot make ads using the Enagic product and selling it based off of the money making opportunity, If you are going to make ads with Enagic in it, you have to be selling it off of the product and health benefits solely.

You cannot say that if someone signs up they will "gaurentee" get results or hint towards it, as results are not "gaurenteed" if some one doesnt do the work. 

It is also recommended you do not lie in your ads, for example do not say you have made 1 million dollars with this system if you have only made 1,000. But you can always leverage other peoples success inside of the GAZ community.